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The transformation of the global knowledge-based economy is gaining momentum as the world economy is increasingly driven by knowledge and innovation...


The development of infrastructure and its corresponding investment is a growing priority for governments driven by the need to replace and expand infrastructure...


The global energy sector represents a wide range of challenges and opportunities in the face of rising global energy demand and a changing regulatory environment...

Welcome To Makara Capital

Tradition of combining applied local intelligence with global platform.

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Fund Management

Private Equity

Our seasoned team has been at the forefront of private equity transactions across multiple economic cycles, sectors and geography. Our expertise spans across the full value chain from deal origination to structuring. Active monitoring. Portfolio diversification and divestment. 

Makara Innovation Fund

Makara Innovation Fund is a closed-ended private equity fund that invests in small-to-mid size companies that demonstrate proven and defensible intellectual property/technology and attractive pan-Asian growth potential, supporting their strategic developmental objectives including innovation and market expansion.


We deliver crypto and blockchain companies thought architecture, actionable blueprints, and optimized workflows for you to realize growth. We further capitalize on our private equity arm and dedicated investment capital in partnering with the next generation of innovative and IP-intrinsic companies. 

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We have a dynamic and proactive team with significant expertise in the financial industry and investments, supported by specializations in the innovation, energy and infrastructure sectors

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