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The transformation of the global knowledge-based economy is gaining momentum as the world economy is increasingly driven by knowledge and innovation. Aptly, the ability to create, access and use knowledge has become a fundamental determinant of global competitiveness of enterprises and economies alike.

Amid these changes, intellectual property has emerged as a key competitive edge for businesses and economic growth. For example, the value of intangible assets for S&P 500 companies – of which intellectual property is a major component – now exceeds 87% of the total market value, up from 17% in 1975. This is a leading indicator of even greater seismic shifts which will reshape the economic landscape in years to come.

As such, governments are investing in the development of robust innovation ecosystems to enhance overall global competitiveness. Efforts include creating a system of intellectual property rights, thereby incentivizing businesses to innovate.


Our Clients

Clients include governments and the public sector.


Our Services

We work with our strategic partners, which include leading innovation authorities in Singapore, to provide tailored consultancy services aimed at producing integrated innovation ecosystems. Collectively, we leverage our expertise, strengths and networks to advise our clients on the relevant policies and mechanisms required to further the management, monetization and commercialization of intellectual property.

Drawing lessons from Singapore’s transition into becoming a global IP hub, our areas of expertise areas include intellectual property policies and infrastructure, legal framework as well as financial and qualitative incentive programs.