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Makara Innovation Fund

Recognizing that intellectual property has become a key competitive asset to businesses globally, the Fund invests in small-to-mid cap companies that demonstrate proven and defensible intellectual property, compelling fundamentals and a strong Pan-Asian growth trajectory.

Deploying an interregional investment approach that leverages Singapore as a strategic hub, the Fund partners with commercially viable businesses that are at an inflection point, where the combination of strategic capital, networks, and additional resources catalyze value.

The Fund’s sector universe prioritizes productivity enhancing solutions and technological advancements in the areas of urban solutions, advanced technologies, fintech, consumer, alternative energy and healthcare.

Strategic Alliance with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

The Fund has established a strategic alliance with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), with the aim of furthering IP management and commercialization in qualifying portfolio companies, to enhance enterprise breadth and value.

A statutory board under Singapore Government’s Ministry of Law, IPOS’ mission is to foster innovation and creativity by building a vibrant and robust IP-enabled ecosystem for Singapore’s future growth. IPOS does this by developing the right IP regime, building IP and innovation skills, IP expertise and a business ecosystem that supports an innovation-driven economy. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, IP ValueLab, IPOS will help innovative companies grow into global companies through (i) strategic use and management of IP, and (ii) valuation and evaluation of intangible assets portfolio

See press release2017.04.26 One-billion dollar innovation fund launched in Singapore to drive enterprise growth for our future economy

Preferred Company Profile

  • Proven and defensible intellectual property/know-how
  • Differentiated sector positioning
  • Proven business model with established revenue stream
  • Pan-Asian growth trajectory based on compelling demand fundamentals
  • Strong managerial talent
  • Investment size of $30 to $150 million per portfolio company
  • Attractive exit potential